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2011 Tree Analysis Group
What We Do
Commercial Services.
Tree Analysis Group Commercial assists property owners and managers with a range of Tree and Landscape consulting services. We thoughtfully strive to balance the needs of your trees, your tenants/guests, and budgets.

While we do not perform tree work ourselves, our years of field experience allows Tree Analysis Group to provide unbiased analysis and educated recommendations. Our consulting is based on years of knowledge and expertise in tree, landscape and residential property and is applied directly to your specific situation. We will always provide truthful and accurate information so that you can move forward to make informed problem-solving decisions.

Tree Services:

•   Tree Management Programs - Develop, Implement, Oversee
•   Hazardous Tree Inspection / Analysis / Assessment
•   Tree Appraisals / Tree Valuations
•   Storm Damage Assessments
•   Loss/Damage Claims - Insurance, IRS, etc.
•   Litigation / Wrongful Removal / Eminent Domain / Tort Claims
•   Negligent Tree Work Documentation / Remedy
•   Construction Damage Mitigation - Tree Protection - Tree Preservation
•   "Tree Doctor": Troubleshooting and Diagnosis of Tree Problems
•   Contractor Oversight/Second Opinion - Review Tree Work, Proposals,
       Recommendations, Spray Programs, etc.
•   Property wide or individual Tree Assessments and Recommendations
•   Tree Inventory - Itemized description of tree type, size, condition, and care
New Planting: Situation-driven Tree Recommendations

Landscape Services:

•   Existing Landscape or New Design: Review and Recommendations
•   Evaluate Proposals: Review/Contractor Selection: Evaluate proposal costs and
•   Landscape Project Management / Owner s Representative activities: project and
       contractor oversight
•   Damage Assessments: Loss/Damage Claims - Insurance, IRS, etc.
•   Construction Damage Mitigation - Landscape Protection
•   Troubleshooting of and Recommendations for Plant/Landscape Problems
•   General/Specific Landscape Assessment and Recommendations
•   Customized 12 Month Optimum Landscape Management Plans
•   Develop Maintenance Specifications and oversee Maintenance work
•   Irrigation Review, Evaluation, and Optimization

Please contact Bob Howey 303-726-1952
or at bob@treeanalysis.com to discuss your specific situation and services pricing.