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Our Process.
Tree Analysis Group is most effective at the planning stage of any project. This provides the client with a proactive approach and the greatest value, often circumventing future plant problems and issues. We also get called in reactively after a tree or landscape problem has already occurred and either way, the Tree Analysis Group team is here to professionally assess and provide you with honest and accurate answers to your tree and landscape concerns.

The following steps are an example of what a typical Tree Analysis Group project would entail. We tailor our process to fit each specific assignment and these steps may be completed very simply and quickly or, if the assignment dictates, may be more extensive and on-going.

Step #1 Initial Contact: Phone Call / E-mail:

Gather background on your tree or landscape situation: the need, issue, tree/plants/parties involved, brief history, time frames/urgency, and general contact information;
Detail the assignment: what do you require from the Tree Analysis Group in scope and depth - this is critical*;
Review Tree Analysis Group fee or estimate.

Step #2 Approval of Assignment:

Tree Analysis Group produces a contract agreement that describes the assignment, terms, and fees;
Client reviews and approves the assignment and signs the contract agreement.

Step #3 Meeting / Site Visit / Observations / Data Collection:

Meet with client and/or visit site;
Collect past history and current data, samples, observations, photographs, and other information relating to the assignment;
Involve other Tree Analysis Group team members if required.

Step #4 Analysis and Recommendations:

Analyze the information that was collected in Step 3;
Develop conclusions, recommendations, or results based on Tree Analysis Group s findings. These range from basic verbal results to formal, written, highly detailed reports depending on the nature of the assignment;
Review findings/results with client.

Step #5 Assignment Completion:

Confirm with client that the assignment was completed in full;
Discuss any future follow-up;
Complete billing process.

*Tree Analysis Group examines each project individually and may not take on every project. This assessment is determined by the following factors: clarity of objectives, necessary expertise for successful completion, prior and future scheduling, location, time frames, urgency, scope of project, past involvement, and other related factors.

Thank you for your interest in Tree Analysis Group, we look forward to working with you!