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What We Do.
Tree Analysis Group, is a professional tree and landscape consultancy group. Known for our professional work in providing clients with educated advice, opinions and service, Tree Analysis Group can assist in the appraisals, evaluations,reports and goal-oriented management plans to address varied tree needs and issues. Tree Analysis Group specializes on tree situations in Colorado and also has an extensive background that encompasses the trees and conditions of surrounding states.

Although Tree Analysis Group does not typically provide tree care maintenance or services, we may at times recommend qualified tree service companies. This difference allows us to provide clients with an independent, objective and unbiased view when giving recommendations.

Tree Analysis Group works closely with clients either on a one-time basis or for on-going or longer-term projects. Clients are represented in a wide variety of industries, including: insurance companies, attorneys, municipalities, government agencies, golf courses, land managers, property owners/managers, homeowners associations, and residential clients.

Services include:

•   Total Site Tree Management Programs - planting, care, and removals
•   Plant Health Care Programs - creating, implementing, and/or monitoring.
•   Diagnosis of Tree and Landscape Problems
•   Insect and Disease Identification and Management Plans
•   Storm Damage Assessments and Documentation
•   Trees and Effluent Water/Salts
•   Golf Course and Park Tree/Turf Management
•   Landscape Evaluations
•   Forestry Management Programs including Mountain Pine Beetle
•   Tree Planting and Selection Programs
•   Forest and Vegetation Management Programs
•   Municipal Ordinance Development
•   Expert Witness and Litigation Support
•   Forensic Tree Investigations
•   Hazardous Tree Assessments and Surveys
•   Tree and Landscape Valuation and Appraisals
•   Tree Protection for Construction Projects - Evaluation/Monitoring
•   Tree and Plant Inventories
•   Training and Education: Instructor/Speaker

Tree Analysis Group offers professional, practical and honest advisement on numerous tree issues and is often called in to provide a second opinion. As an ASCA member, Bob Howey is ethically charged with providing truthful, independent, and unbiased opinions and maintains a "call it as we see it" policy.